About Us

Have you ever been in a situation where you just bought a product on Amazon and noticed a drastic drop in the price of that particular product immediately after that? We have all been there!

Our Story

Our story dates back to a few years ago when we were just regular users of Amazon with no one to guide us! We used to order the products directly from Amazon without doing any research and were completely satisfied that we are getting the best products at the best available prices in the entire market! But, this was never the case.

One fine day, a bombshell dropped on us when we noticed that a product that we had ordered from Amazon just a day ago is showing a huge drop in its price. We were hugely disappointed that had we waited for a day we could have saved up a lot of our hard-earned money. But, the question that came up was how were we supposed to know that the price of the product has dropped or how are we supposed to keep track of the prices of different products listed for sale on Amazon. That’s when we found out that this problem is a major issue faced by a lot of people, and we are not alone in this.

We also discovered various Amazon price trackers that let you keep track of the prices and discounts of different products listed on Amazon to benefit from them. But, using these trackers was beating our heads up against the wall because of how ineffective they were. That’s when we decided to come up with an Amazon price tracker of our own!

What Is Droppyo?

We surveyed and analyzed all the shortcomings and problems faced by people in using different Amazon price trackers and came up with the perfect solution for everyone by launching the best price tracker known as Droppyo. Not only this is app is different and unique from others, but it will also help the users in saving their hard-earned money by keeping them updated about all the hot deals going on Amazon.

More About Droppyo

Droppyo offers many unique features that make this app different from other Amazon price trackers and the best app available in the market.

  • You can sign up for completely free. There are no additional or hidden charges that we charge from you
  • We offer a completely user-friendly interface that the users can take advantage of
  • Our app is available to be used in both web and browser extensions. Both the iOS and the Android users can use it with all the ease as well
  • Our app is available to use in multiple countries where Amazon is available
  • The app allows the users to track the price of any item available on Amazon for sale by listing their favorite products on the app or the website
  • Along with keeping a track on the prices of various items, the users can even compare the history of prices of a specific product with the availability of Amazon price history charts
  • We will notify the users when a specific product reaches the price target set by them or if the price of their favorite item drops
  • Even if you forgot to list any specific item as your favorite, we will remind you about their decrease in price through daily top drops that cover the items from all categories.

We are indeed very grateful that we have created an app from which the users can take advantage of and save their precious money because we understand how heart-wrenching it can be to see the money being wasted as we have been there as well!