How Does Amazon Same-Day Delivery Work: Behind The Scene

Placing online orders is such a convenient option for everyone out there. You do not have to go through the trouble of getting out of your home, and you get your goods delivered right at your doorstep. Amazon is a key player when it comes to same-deliveries and we’re sure that you’ve enjoyed its highly effective service at some point in your life. 
While everything might seem easy-flowing to you, there is a large and extensive system in place that helps get you the product that you purchase through Amazon same-day delivery system. Let’s take a look at all the factors that go into your product’s order placement and the delivery to your home. 

The Front End: Account Setup And Order Placement

Before we get into what happens at the back-end of the same-day delivery system, let’s take a look at what users have to do. When it comes to the order placement, you will find that you have to make an account on Amazon. 

All you’re required to do is set up your Amazon account by adding in all the relevant details. Once you log in to your account, you will be offered products that are relevant to your searches. Amazon personalizes your experience through the algorithm set in motion, making every user’s experience unique. 

Now, you can choose from around ten million products when it comes to same-day shipping. You can easily add a product that allows this option and carry on with purchasing your cart. It is an easy-to-follow system and proves to be highly efficient.  

With all of this going on, you will find that there is a huge variety of goods that you can choose from on Amazon. Finding the ideal price and the best quality can be a bit difficult as you see every supplier offering the same thing. 

As you go about making your purchases, you can avail of various services that other platforms offer you in link to Amazon. Look at Droppyo for instance. No need to waste your time trying to find the ideal price for a product as this platform can do this just for you. 

What Is Amazon’s Back-End System?

Now, let’s get to the main part where all the real action happens. Once you place your order, a lot of things go on at the back-end of Amazon’s system. Your order automatically generates an order number that you can use to track it over time. 

As your order is placed, it is either directly handled by Amazon or third-party suppliers depending on who is selling your product. Most of the time, you will find that Amazon is handling your products directly through its warehouses. 

Your goods are stocked in warehouses based on the specific algorithm that Amazon has running to predict the demand for products. As you place your order, it is linked to a specific fulfillment center that is close to your location. This enables the same-day delivery option for you.  


Take A Look At The Fulfillment Centers 

Now, let’s take a look at what happens in these fulfillment centers and how do you go about getting your order loaded on for delivery. While you might think this is an easy process, it isn’t. Mostly because there are millions of orders placed daily, and keeping a track of each of them is a difficult task to do. 

Amazon has come up with an effective and efficient way to ensure that you get your products delivered to you quickly. There are 75 fulfillment centers present in the USA currently and over 125,000 employees who are working to ensure that you get your goods delivered within the same day. Let’s take a look at what happens in these fulfillment centers. 

The Pick Mod

The initial step in the fulfillment center is when the order is placed and then directly linked to a pick mod. Now, you must be wondering what this is. Essentially this is a tool through which employers at these centers figure out where a specific item is placed. 
The pick mods play an essential role at the back end as they help move the products in the centers efficiently. While the products are specifically organized in any way, the pick mod can identify the one needed with the algorithms in place. 

Picking Of Orders

Next, the pickers working at the fulfillment center picks up the goods from the pick mod and scan it so that it can be placed on the conveyor belt. However, the products aren’t directly placed there as it is important to ensure their safety. 
Instead, they are placed in totes that are scanned again and then placed on the belt. The conveyor belt is a pretty straightforward machine that carries the products from one destination to another within the fulfillment center. These belts are highly efficient as they work incredibly fast!

Packaging Of Orders

Now, packers wait in line to remove the totes off the conveyor belt so that they can be packed properly. When it comes to the packaging of all the goods, there is no neglect in this area. Packers are advised to treat every product with care so that they can be packed in the best possible way. 

No matter how delicate or sturdy the goods are, proper care is followed for every item that is packaged. There is a lot of attention to detail in this process and every packer is required to treat the product as a “Christmas gift” while packing. 

Loading For Delivery

The last step revolves around loading the packaged products onto the trucks for delivery. This is where a multitude of products are placed in a truck together to ensure that there are fewer chances of the orders moving around in the truck. The robotic shelves enable the placements of orders in a systemic order so that all of the space is utilized for the packaged orders.

The next time you go about purchasing from Amazon, make sure that you realize the long process that happens behind the scenes as well. To make it even better, Amazon is further working on their same-day delivery to make it even more efficient, all so that you can be more satisfied!