What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday: Key Facts To Know

If you are a U.S citizen then you must be well aware of the fact that delivery services do not operate on Sundays. Though the delivery services operate during rainy and snowy weather, none of the delivery services function on Sundays. Well, for most of you this might be causing inconvenience and frustration. But amazingly, this trend has been gradually changing as well. But how? We are sure you must be a frequent Amazon customer or user. You might have noticed that since Amazon started its journey and expanded like fire all around the USA, the delivery services are more efficient and even active on Sundays! So, you should definitely give credit to Amazon for making the delivery services all around the US efficient enough. We are sure you must be enjoying the punctuality of the delivery services now!

But the real question to ponder on is that what the timings are on which Amazon is delivering the orders. You might have noticed that most of the products ordered via Amazon are delivered within 7 days. The best part is that it is estimated that the expansion of Amazon and its delivery services are increasing massively all around the USA that it was expected. 

It is said by many that Sunday delivery services of Amazon are like some magic. Amazingly, certain key facts are known by most of us. These key facts to know about Amazon delivery are magical as well. This is probably because you never know when your order arrives unexpectedly on Sunday at your doorstep. But what's so special about these frequent deliveries? Well, let's discuss some incredible facts below in detail. We will make sure that the facts are delivered through FAQs. 

What's Up with Frequent Deliveries of Amazon on Sundays?

It was 2013 when Amazon announced to deliver packages and orders of customers on Sundays as well. This was one amazing news spread in the US and celebrated by the citizens knowing that all the postal services are alliance with Amazon now. In this way, the citizens and the Amazing users will be able to avail of the postal and delivery services on Sundays as well. 

The most surprising thing was when it was observed that the postal and delivery services are operating on 4th July as well. That is why the Postal Service Plan of the US has decided to carry on the Sunday delivery services on a mass level as well. So if you are experiencing frequent Amazon delivery services now that is probably because of the decision of the Postal Service Plan of USA. 

Sunday Delivery Services are Permanent or Trial?

Curiosity must be increasing after knowing the exciting news. And that is why you must be eager to know what time does Amazon delivers on Sunday. But before that, it is even important to know whether these Postal and delivery services are permanent or the plan is for the trial purpose only. 

That is why according to the WSJ report or USA, it is stated and even tracked that the alliance between the Postal Services of USA and Amazon. This plan is decided to last for five years. But any of the parties have the right to terminate the entire deal within 30 days. So this is basically a contract that can be expanded if five years have been completed or there are also chances that the contract is terminated after the completion of the stated time. 

Are Sunday Delivery Services only for Amazon Prime Users?

Sunday delivery services can be used by all Amazon users. These delivery services are not only for Amazon Prime users. But if you are a Prime user and have ordered anything on Friday, then you can expect your order at your doorstep on Sunday. For instance, if I am an Amazon Prime user and have ordered anything on Friday, then there are possibilities that my order can be expected to be received on Saturday as well. However, if you are a non-Prime Amazon user then your order will be received the latest by Sunday. So you can avail the benefits of early delivery being a Prime Amazon user but this does not mean that the non-Prime users are ignored.  

Do Sunday Deliveries Cost Extra?

This question must be hindering your thoughts and you must be eager to know whether the Sunday delivery services charge extra or not. Surprisingly, these Sunday delivery services are free. They do not cost any extra despite being a non-Amazon Prime user. You need to pay for the delivery charges. But if you are an Amazon Prime user then do not worry about paying for delivery services. You can simply enjoy free shipment. But there will be charges for those who have not signed up for becoming the Prime Amazon user. 

Are Sunday Delivery Services Applicable for all the Items and Products?

This is pretty clear to most of us the Amazon provides its services in specifics regions around the world. So Sunday deliveries depend on the region you are living in and also whether that product or item is available in your location or not. These are certain limitations that you can experience being an Amazon user. 

How Can You Know that You Are Expecting the Arrival of Package on Sunday?

Well, there is not any specific day of the date of arrival provided to you before placing an order on Amazon. Once you have placed your order, the expected delivery date is provided. This means that you might expect your order to reach either on the given date or maybe a day or two prior to the expected date. 

So, these are some facts as well as certain FAQs that you should know as an Amazon user. You can even track the prices of the items and products you want to purchase using Droppoyo. This website allows you to compare the prices and shop smartly by encouraging you to save as well. 
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